TRUE SELF COACHING with Halli Bourne

...coaching performers, writers, artists & composers 
eager to overcome performance anxiety,
calm the inner critic,
restart a stalled project,
or take work in an entirely new direction

Are you plagued by your inner critic every time you perform, write, create, or compose?

Do you find yourself making safe choices rather than the ones you dream about?

Have you stalled out in the middle of a process and don't know how to get started again?

Do you want to go in a new direction but fear you'll lose the support you already have?

Are you struggling to find the time to create and can't figure out what's in your way?

In this era of materialism and glorified practicality,
artists of every discipline can easily feel isolated, undervalued and lost
when a block to creativity arises.

That's what I'm here for. 
I am your advocate and your confidant for overcoming
whatever obstacle is in the way of you expressing your vision
 from your
most soulful, truest place for your own personal satisfaction
and for you to share with the world.

You matter.
I work with actors, directors, writers, dancers, vocalists, visual artists, and composers.

Halli Bourne

Life Coach, Professional Certified Coach (PCC)  
Professional Level Yoga & Meditation Teacher (ERYT-500)

specializing in: 
•creativity coaching 
•mindfulness mentoring

Creativity is about honoring another kind of intelligence 

that originates from within us rather than from outside sources. 

ChristineValters Paintner


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